“There is therefore no objectively ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ chronological order of events as your constituent suggests’, said Fran Unsworth, the BBC’s Director of News and Current Affairs.

Fran Unsworth’s words are the BBC’s response, sent to multiple MPs, to the charge that, in a two-year period, the BBC misreported seven out of eight missile attacks on Israel’s southern border.

In each report the BBC led with the Israeli military response, rather than the terrorist’s missile fire.

The details of the attacks were buried in the articles, while the headlines and opening paragraphs referred to the Israeli Defence Force’s (IDF) response and those injured and killed.

The BBC has a responsibility to provide impartial news coverage, and it must also inform and educate its audience.

That audience is estimated to be 96% of the UK population and up to 600 million people worldwide.

Ms. Unsworth’s response demonstrates that the BBC’s interpretation of impartiality and its responsibility to educate and inform its audience is at odds with the general publics view on such matters, the English dictionary and the continuum of experience in which events pass from the future through the present to the past.

Worse still, it suggests that the body count in the Israel/Palestinian conflict is more important than the facts.

This approach explains why Hamas encourages civilians to participate in violence at the Gaza border, and why it (and Islamic Jihad) fire missiles into Israel.

It’s a Hamas version of police assisted suicide, except you won’t find any Hamas leaders offering themselves as targets.

What’s the perverse strategy that drives these bloodthirsty tactics?

It’s simple, the battleground for the Hamas leadership isn’t Gaza, it’s the Hague.

The Israeli Army is bigger than the French and British armies …. combined.

It’s impossible for Hamas (and Islamic Jihad) to defeat Israel militarily.

The Gaza protest and the carnage Hamas, and Fatah, have produced is a continuation of the terrorists’ missile policy.

What’s Fatah’s role?

The President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas has starved Gaza of money and fuel.

And Hamas, in a gruesome example of my enemy’s enemy is my friend, has reacted by sending terrorist operatives armed with guns, IEDs, Molotov cocktails, fuel and tyres, to the border with Israel, protected by Gazan civilian human shields.

More recently, we’ve also seen increasing missile barrages on Israeli civilians.

What is the objective?

To provoke a confrontation with the IDF, one of the most sophisticated armies on the planet, in order to create a body count that is televised around the world and to have western politicians, including our own, fall over themselves to blame Israel for the carnage.

Hamas are delighted with the BBC’s biased product and the reaction it produces.

And as they pat themselves on the back, for what they regard as their latest ‘success’, they must wonder whether Lincoln’s observation that you can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time but you can’t fool all the people all the time, were true!

Hamas for some reason dodges the scrutiny it deserves both from the BBC, and the many British MPs who participated in the urgent question on Gaza in the House of Commons on 15 May.

From the shadow Foreign Secretary to the member for Edinburgh South West, who claimed that unarmed civilians were killed on 14 May, the condemnation of the IDF was vitriolic.

Two days later when a Hamas terrorist official revealed that 50 of the group’s members (three others were members of Islamic Jihad) were among the 62 people killed, there were no apologies to the IDF in the House of Commons.

There were no MPs clambering to correct the Hansard record for getting it so badly wrong, and both Emily Thornberry and Joanna Cherry, a QC no less, remained silent.

The rush to judgement was predictable and Hamas are forever grateful.

A couple of weekends ago we remembered the sacrifice made by our service men and women to protect our freedom.

Armed Forces and security services in democratic nations around the world have a duty to protect their citizens, and the IDF is no different.

And that brings us to the perverse strategic goals of Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas: –

  • To delegitimise the State of Israel by seeking to take the world’s only Jewish state to the International Criminal Court in the Hague for war crimes, and here’s the real prize that they are after,
  • To prevent Israel exercising its sovereign right to defend its people.

Our national broadcaster, that oft cherished exemplar of public service broadcasting, the BBC, follows the terrorist narrative almost to the letter.

The BBC’s principles have been cast aside, and people like Fran Unsworth believe that the BBC, not only has a right to rewrite the definition of words, but also to report its version of events, rather than the facts.




The Israel- Britain Alliance (IBA) is a UK based organisation that celebrates Britain's relationship with the State of Israel.